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About us

Deaf Sailing UK is a registered charity and we are passionate about developing and championing deaf sailors of all levels. We are RYA affiliated and work closely with Sailability and other RYA registered training centres.

Our board of trustees are all deaf and avid sailors, whether yachts, tall ships, dinghy, keelboat etc. We also have a team of volunteers who without we wouldn't be able to provide such a wide range of opportunities.

What do we do?

-  run all-deaf or deaf-led mixed deaf / hearing crews voyages

-  organise training courses in partnership with recognised training providers

-  provide opportunities to try out sailing

-  support regular DSUK sailors with developing and updating skills and RYA qualifications

-  support DSUK sailors with races, competitions, leagues and championships when representing DSUK


Our deaf-led crews are gaining respect amongst the wider sailing community.


DSUK charters yachts from different locations including the Solent, other UK locations and Europe.  We also run dinghy and watersports courses in partnership with the Andrew Simpson Sailing Club in Reading. Offering opportunities to try out sailing in waters across the UK in all discliplines.

Join us for adventures on the high seas!

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DSUK (Deaf Sailing uk) Registered Charity number: 1204942

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